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Hack in the heart of London Tech Week

HackXLR8 is back for a third year in the middle of London Tech Week once again, at ExCel London!

After a really successful event last year, HackXLR8 returns with another two-day hackathon focusing on three themes: Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

With a chance to be in the heart of the action at this year’s London Tech Week, the winners will have the opportunity to present their project on the main stage of the headline event, TechXLR8. Don’t forget, HackXLR8 provides maximum exposure to the 15,000 visitors expected to be in attendance—so everyone’s a winner!

Exclusive technology from our soon to be revealed partnerships will provide developers and startups with direct access to the future of smart technology.

Come and see how developments in science and technology transform connected devices, rethink the way we travel with safer and more sustainable transportation, and positively impact our environment.

HackXLR8 is back!
Don’t miss out on being part of the action!


In the heart of London Tech Week.


  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Blockchain


Put your head together with developers, designers, and innovators alike and build an unstoppable team!

  • We want you to develop a game-changing solution focused on our three challenges: IoT, AI, and Blockchain, and relative to the overriding theme of Enterprise Innovation. Think app, prototype, or even a connected, smart, and innovative idea that will change the business landscape. 
  • Showcase your idea in front of those with the power to bring it from concept to product in the heart of TechXLR8.


  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Data Scientists
  • Marketers


  • Showcase your talents to some of the industries best and brightest in the middle of TechXLR8!
  • Collaborate and build life-long synergies with over 15,000 attendees at TechXLR8!
  • Exclusive prizes for the winning teams.
  • Complimentary TechXLR8 tickets and FREE entrance to demos and conference talks.

Be sure to secure your place today!


London Tech Week’s Headline Event

Known as the hub of modern-day innovation, TechXLR8 is the largest tech festival of it’s kind in Europe, bringing together the biggest tech conferences around, including:

Check out last year’s highlights in the video below.

  • The AI Summit 
  • IoT World Europe Summit
  • Cloud & DevOps World Summit
  • AR & VR World Summit
  • The Quantum Computing Summit
  • Blockchain for Business Summit
  • Startup Elevate


Join us at ExCel London

Royal Victoria Dock
1 Western Gateway 

London E16 1XL

HackXLR8 will take place in the middle of TechXLR8, hosted in none of other than the ExCel London

One of the largest exhibition halls in the Europe, with quick links in to the city centre and an abundance of catering and accommodation options.


Remember that team sizes are to be between 2 and 8 people. 

Below are the types of profiles that make for a great team!



Data Scientists



1st prize: 

£2.5k plus a 10 Minute

Spotlight Presentation and Interview (Worth £12,500)

2nd prize: 


On the spot prizes:

Startup Premium Package

for TechXLR8 2020
(Worth £2,700)

Incubation with DCube

the tech incubator of DECENT


Dcore - Blockchain You Can Easily Build On

All you need to know about the blockchain platform can be found below:


HackXLR8 DAY 1

June 12, 2019




13:0018:00 20:00

Doors Open/Breakfast

Welcome and Introduction 

Idea Pitches (60 secs each) 

Team Formation 

Dcore Blockchain Workshop

Start of Coding 



Onsite Activity

HackXLR8 DAY 2

June 13, 2019




Tech Support Starts/Breakfast

Logistics Tests

Coding Ends/Lunch

Final Demos and Judging

Jury Deliberations

Winners Announcement



Step 1

Register for HackXLR8

Step 2

Attend the two-day hackathon in London

Step 3

Demo your project in the center of TechXLR8

Step 4

Win and leave with an unforgettable experience!


Why join a hackathon?

Here are some of the benefits described by people who have participated in hackathon's previously:

  • "It’s a new way of working, in a more agile, interdisciplinary and collaborative form”
  • "Challenge yourself, learn by doing and improve your skills”
  • "Have a fun and life-changing experience”
  • "Turn your knowledge into a concrete and innovative product/service”
  • "Collaborate on a project that might be implemented in real life”

Who can join?

Any one can enter!

How are teams formed?

There are two ways in which teams can be formed for HackXLR8:

  • Ahead of time if you are coming with people you know (make sure you still all register individually!)
  • Onsite at the event during 'Team Formation' (12/06/2019 @ 11:30)

What are the sizes of teams?

Teams may have from 2 - 8 participants. It is strongly recommended that teams are made up of the following for the greatest chance of success:

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Data Scientists
  • Marketers

What equipment will I need to bring?

Please bring your laptop, charger, and any other hardware you wish as this will not be provided.

Is it possible to work throughout the night?

Unfortuantely you cannot work through the night at HackXLR8, please see the times below.

What are the opening/closing times?

  • Day one: Open - 09:30 / Close - 22:00
  • Day two: Open - 09:00 / Close - 18:00

Tech Partner

DECENT is one of the oldest blockchain companies to exist. 

Our company is dedicated to building an ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology to help developers and businesses adapt into a decentralized world. With our fast, powerful and customizable blockchain platform, DCore, we provide the tools and technologies needed for projects and businesses to build decentralized applications for real-world use cases, especially in the digital media and entertainment industries. At DECENT, we believe working together, we can build a more transparent, accessible and connected future. 


Questions ?

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Direct queries to

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