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Hack in the heart of London Tech Week


With a chance to be in the heart of the action at this year’s London Tech Week. Don’t forget, HackXLR8 provides maximum exposure to the 15,000 visitors expected to be in attendance—so everyone’s a winner!

Exclusive technology from our partnership will provide developers and startups with direct access to the future of smart technology.

Come and see how developments in science and technology transform connected devices, rethink the way we travel with safer and more sustainable transportation, and positively impact our environment.

HackXLR8 is back!
Don’t miss out on being part of the action!

HackXLR8 is back for a second year in the middle of London Tech Week once again, at ExCel London!

After a really successful event last year, HackXLR8 returns with another two-day hackathon focusing on three themes: Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Mobility and GreenTech.

Hack in the City - London Tech Week



  • Network with the industry's top tech companies
  • Collaborate with talent across London’s tech ecosystem
  • Maximum exposure at the heart of LTW
  • Exclusive prizes for the winning teams
  • Complimentary TechXLR8 tickets and FREE entrance to demos and conference talks


Network and collaborate with Designers,
Startups and Developers to create your Team

  • The challenge is to create an app, a prototype or develop a smart and connected idea around one of the HackXLR8 themes: IoT, Smart Mobility and GreenTech
  • Stay tuned as the challenges are to be announced soon!


  • IoT
  • Smart Mobility
  • GreenTech

We already have over 200 registrants securing their place at this years HackXLR8.

Register now to secure your's!


  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Data Scientists
  • Marketers

London Tech Week’s Headline Event


TechXLR8 brings together the converging tech industries by showcasing 8 leading technology events: 5G World, IoT World Europe, Cloud & DevOps World, Digital CX World, AR & VR World, Smart Transportation & Mobility, Blockchain 360 and Project Kairos.

London Tech Week 2017 marked the emergence of London's newest—and biggest— technology expo. TechXLR8 is a festival of technology taking you on a journey between networks, tech and consumer services.

Check out last year’s highlights in the video below.




Stonly Baptiste

Marketing Manager

Josie Hirtenstein


Fab de Liberali

Creative Director

Pascal Wheeler

UX/UI Developer

Oliver Leung

MINI Brand Management


Sarah Schappert

Managing Director


Micah Kotch

Digital & Influencer Marketer

Sarah Lamb


Gavin Ray

Join us at ExCel London


More about the venue, see the venue guide

To find the best route to get to ExCel, London click here

Travel map

One Western Gateway,
Royal Victoria Dock,
London E16 1XL


Resources provided

Developers – leave the data, privacy and consent hassle to us! takes care of the hardest parts of normalising data from tons of sources – while providing industry-leading privacy, security and permission management. All you have to do is start innovating – and give users a good reason to share their data with you! doesn't see, hold or touch user data. challenges

Build a cool innovative app using’s CA platform with a focus on social, financial, health and wearables data as makes private sharing real! Develop an innovative solution that solves a critical challenge in IoT, green tech or smart mobility.

Green Tech Challenge

A powerful tool in research and development CA can also aid social good and sustainability. You could reward populations for recycling, energy saving, or create a food waste recycling or reduction programme.

Smart Mobility Challenge

Striving toward frictionless, automated and personalised travel on-demand, create a concept built using the CA private sharing. For example smart parking, ride-sharing, multi-modal journey planning or city analysis. IoT Challenge

Integrate IoT based apps that are powered by’s CA private sharing platform. IoT raises some serious security challenges use to lighten the burden. To get you started these could be rewards based apps or concepts that enable better management of your IoT devices in home technology. 


Your life, your terms. lets you do amazing things with your personal data without compromising your privacy or security.

The Developer Incubation/Growth Programme

  • Funding of £1000 to each Developer from the winning team.  
  • 3 x 2 hour Mentoring Sessions with Angel Investor and entrepreneur Chairman Julian Ranger covering technical, business and entrepreneurial guidance.
  • 5 x winning concepts built on the CA platform, will be further assisted through to production stages by business introductions via’s industry network and partnership connections.

Programme Worth: £5000*’s ethos is to create positive impact through people and technology. We’re looking to champion rising stars and to drive future innovation in tech. If that sounds like you and your ideas, then get in touch and find out about our exciting tech careers and internship opportunities.

* The Spotlight Prize is only available to tech built on the CA platform.

URBAN-X is the accelerator for startups reimagining city life.

URBAN-X challenges

We work with founders, investors and advisors who’ve built many of today’s most notable startups that are transforming cities - helping you meet the right people, communicate effectively with them, and make new collaborations happen.

We’re uniquely positioned to offer ‘sandboxes’ for startups working in areas like mobility, energy, and real estate.

The URBAN-X Growth Programme

The URBAN-X program provides 20 immersive weeks of customer development, product development, network-building and expert guidance for startups – all in preparation for fundraising. Our accelerator is unique in that our mentors are experts in urbantech challenges and deeply understand regulated industries and government procurement. There’s no issue we aren’t equipped to help startups solve.

Apply now for Cohort 05 at

IoT Challenge

Local government data sets continue to open up as do private data sets.  From illegal parking to cooking oil disposal, laws that govern how more people live together depend on more efficient and effective enforcement for revenues and well being. What opportunities exist for connected devices to support those charged with law enforcement?

Smart Mobility Challenge

People’s mobility is undergoing a Cambrian moment. But what about how things move or how we move things? What new opportunities exist to move the things we depend on every day, such as food and waste or maybe even our homes and offices?

Green Tech Challenge

Cities need to adjust to new water challenges. For many areas, local water sources are being exhausted. At the same time, climate effects, such as rising seas and weather that leads to more flooding, are creating new water challenges. 

What new solutions might help reduce the strain on water sources? How can cities more effectively cope with flooding?

Mentoring Sessions

5 x 1 hour Mentoring Sessions with URBAN-X Principals:

- Micah Kotch

- Sarah Schappert

- Stony Baptiste

Covering technical, go-to-market, marketing and communications guidance.

Growth Programme

TWO winning concepts addressing URBAN-X Challenge areas will be provided introductions to our international network with the intention of bringing their concepts to life.


Built by MINI and run in collaboration with our venture partner Urban Us, we have a network of over 2,000 professionals focused on supporting startups that are solving city problems. The network includes serial entrepreneurs, investors, public sector leaders, and experts in mobility,IOT, energy, public safety and health, water and waste, utilities, construction, real estate and logistics to name a few.

1st Prize: £2,000 Winning Team Challenge Winners

URBAN-X Challenge Winners

2nd Prize: Runner Up Team


Challenge Winners



Incubation Winner

Growth Programme Winner

Guide Me

Zen Routes

Mentoring Sessions & Growth Programme



HackXLR8 DAY 1










Wednesday 13 June

Doors open

Welcome and Introductions

Idea Pitches (60 secs each)

Team Formation

Start of code


Code, code, code!


Leave site

HackXLR8 DAY 2







Thursday 14 June


Coding resumes

Technical tests

Coding ends

Final demos and judging

Winners announced



Step 1

Register for HackXLR8

Step 2

Attend the two-day hackathon in London

Step 3

Demo your final project

Step 4



Questions ?

Don't hesitate. Get in touch!

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